In Other News September 11, 2015


Today we talk with someone who has been filming the Moon, the Sun, chemplanes and UFOs and posting the videos with analysis to youtube. His handle is Crrow777 and he challenges the very basic science that many of us have learned about the Earth, its size, and its distance from the Sun and the Moon. Imagine if the Moon, commonly thought of as a solid object orbiting our Earth is actually a holographic projection with a periodic refresh rate? Crrow777 has caught on video something he calls the lunar wave and its about to happen again this month. There are other skywatchers around the country who have also filmed this anomaly that looks like a wavy horizontal line that runs from bottom to top on the face of the Moon. We also talk about one of the 101 reasons why our atmosphere is being deliberately sprayed by chemical aerosols, specifically to obscure and mask astronomical events. Remember Mark Passio’s speech titled Free Energy From Suppression to Manifestation: Who Was That Influential To Take Tesla Out of Schools? On some level, however minute, it’s critical to gather video and photographic evidence on your own to collaborate and compare with others. This is an exciting area where breakthroughs can occur raising important questions based on empirical evidence.

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