In Other News October 7, 2014


Bible Codes Revealed, and Aliens In The Internet are two books by our guest Sherry Shriner. Sherry has created many websites, that can be accessed from The opinions and ideas expressed in this interview are not necessarily those of the host, station or network. With the disclaimer, I want to mention that on this show, we’ve examined many perspectives on orgone energy and orgonite. Sherry describes her interaction with the etheric energy. Sherry Shriner says she’s black listed from talk shows and media outlets because of her orgone war against “them” and it’s effectiveness, and that she exposed their agenda. However, she’s been talking about aliens, ufos, underground bases, fake constellations, satanists among us, for nearly a decade. We also talk about some of the topics we discussed with Eve Lorgen, such as clones, androids and humans not quite being at the top of the food chain.

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