In Other News October 2, 2012


In past shows we’ve explored the ley line grid of New York City with guest Peter Champoux. Peter showed us that the ley line nexus is in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty. The nexus is the point where energy ley lines of the area meet. The ley line center point of Washington DC for example, is on the ground beneath the Capitol Building, which was a meeting area of indigenous tribes. According to Peter Champoux, there is a powerful flow of energy in the city channeling through the lines amid 9 million people. A little research shows alignment through Corona Park and other areas where people congregate. Last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the world’s tallest Ferris wheel would rise 625 feet above the Staten Island waterfront. The Wheel is expected to open 2 or 3 years from now.

Our guest author and occult researcher Matthew Delooze has written about Ferris Wheels and in his 2008 article Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird, he points out some very interesting ideas. “These things are going on all around the world on various scales. I have explained previously that Ferris wheels are notoriously uneconomical. So why are they appearing all over the bloody place? Who is funding it all? The London Eye alone is losing 25 million pounds a year. Why is this happening you might ask? Well simply put my friends, and again I tell you the truth, placing a Ferris wheel in these locations basically turns the area in to a ‘Sun Temple’ and whatever monuments or buildings that are in the same area also become part of that temple….” Instead of giant megalith Sun Temples being constructed, there are simpler ways to build structures to fleece human energy. To summarize it, Matthew says hypnotism and symbolism is used to spiritually imprison and control the collective subconscious of the human race. The human energy that would naturally cycle back into and feed the planet is siphoned off breaking the human energetic relationship with Earth. This all connects back to the last five guests on the show in how the structures exist in our landscape and through history for the fleecing of spiritual energy to happen.

Matthew Delooze: 

  • That’s what the freemasons do all around the planet now. The secret societies, they’re implanting this symbolism, in my opinion all around the globe. . leading up to a day. . a better idea than we have.
  • It will be a complete combination of symbols all around the planet.
  • I believe the “modern day” started off on the millenium, 1999, during the winter 
soltices. (Purple Rain)
  • Where the first Ferris Wheels, happening today were created in London and 
Paris, linking up an energy line there.
  • Obviously, over the years, since the millennium, they’ve been built all over the 
  • What I think goes on at these events with the Ferris Wheel, the people are actuall 
praying for a “new age.”
  • Universal law will make it happen.
  • We surrender our power to the monuments. When we surrender our power to 
their monuments, we surrender our power to them and their masters. That’s what 
its all about.
  • Its all about surrender and wanting to be a slave in this world.

Guest – Matthew Delooze, author and occult researcher. Matthew is one of the first to articulate how hypnotism and symbolism is used to spiritually imprison and control the collective subconsciousness of the human race. One facet of this manipulation is the placing of specific monuments on energy lines. By giving our attention or praying to structures or symbols, the human race has been tricked into giving away emotional respect to idols and occult monuments. This fleecing of spiritual energy through the subconscious at events such as festivals, arenas, museums and cathedrals isn’t new, this has been going on for thousands of years. The human energy would naturally cycle back into and feed the Earth, but there’s a “middle man” siphoning it off planet, which might explain that odd, something doesn’t sit right, feeling.
Matthew Delooze says, that this Serpent cult as he calls them, know our DNA and so our weaknesses show up on their genetic maps. Remember Richard Cassaro, mentioned this concept with the Shell logo and how in the collective subconsciousness it known that one time humans used shells as currency, so the Shell logo taps into the collective cellular memory. Matthew Delooze expounds on these ideas in his articles and books. He’s the author of 3 books, You Will Be Wiser When You Are Older”, “The Stars Are Falling – Reasons To Believe We Are Enslaved By The Serpent” and “Is It Me For A Moment: Breaking The Serpent’s Spell” On his website is you can find many of his past articles there such as Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird (Part One). The Illuminati Monuments of Paris Exposed!

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