In Other News October 16, 2015

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We look today at the evidence of ancient cultures that settled and lived on the North American continent long before Christopher Columbus. Some of them were known to have lived on this land prior to Native American Indians. A controversial, yet well known repository of ancient artifacts is located in a cave in south central Illinois. The cave was discovered in 1925 by individual named Orville Lowery and its filled with thousands of artifacts and alleged tombs.

Guest – Harry Hubbard to talk about this cave, its artifacts and historic context. In his research, Harry Hubbard has been a kind of steward of this repository, cataloging, researching and bringing forth the data to the public and to those in academia. His work is often dismissed or ignored by archeologists, anthropologists and institutions. We talk about why that might be. He’s poured through many rare books, and has also worked to translate the script carved in the hundreds of stones found in the cave. The major claim by Harry and his colleagues is that this is the tomb of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra. HarryHubbard (youtube)


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