In Other News October 11, 2013


Tom Slaight, activist and producer of White Haze and Jet Trails DVD, gives an update on the IPCC report on global warming.

Remembering Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

I had never met Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri but before we began to talk on the phone she had emailed her articles to me but I couldn’t email her back for some reason. I was amazed that such a professional was aware of this massive assault on this level. Years went by. We eventually connected by phone and she became a regular guest. Dr. Perlingieri had asserted during interview after interview, the spraying has to stop! The poisoning of our environment needs to stop right now, specifically the spraying and use of microwave radiation in devices such as “smart” meters. Her epiphany to the use of geoengineering as disaster capitalism occurred when she was forced to stay in her car for several days in the drive way of her fire ravaged home during the massive October 2007 fires in San Diego. She told the story of waking up in the car with her cats in their cages. She glanced up to the sky to see the aircraft leaving long plumes of desiccant aerosol into the skies. A vivid moment in realization that would have a lasting impact on anyone’s life. Yet, how Dr. Perlingieri chose to respond separated her from the rest that go along to get along.

Respected Environmental Activist Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Has Died

Writer and author Dr. Illya Sandra Perlingieri didn’t stop producing articles about the poisons in our environment including wireless microwave radiation. Dr. Perlingieri is a former university professor and scholar and author of the book The Uterine Crisis. The book compiles 15 years of independent research linking womens’ serious reproductive illnesses with environmental toxins. London’s “The Ecologists” magazine called it “an inspiration.” All of these topics discussed on In Other News fit together. Agenda 21, geoengineering, GMO food, microwave technology, nanotechnology. Dr Perlingieri continued to take a cross disciplinary approach to all of her research. She focused on the invisible but hazardous poisons that are impacting our health and lives. These include toxic hormone disrupting chemicals, pesticides and the wireless technology.

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