In Other News March 6, 2012


This week on In Other News we talk with Richard Cassaro, author of the book Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals and World Architecture. We’ve scratched the surface on this topic with Jordan Maxwell in his lectures. Jordan has pointed out, there are good and bad freemason based secret societies. He’s explained it several times yet not too many people really know what goes on behind the doors in some of these windowless lodges and temples. The discussion turns to the manipulated conflict of belief systems amid religion and freemasonry. According to Richard Cassaro’s book Written In Stone, the mason’s who built some of the great cathedrals and monumental architecture embedded their doctrines into the structure itself.

Guest – Richard Cassaro, who is a freemason also acknowledges the ongoing sinister agendas being formulated by secret societies. We touch on that but we really dig into some of the fascinating parallels in the designs of temples and churches that reach across time from the New World and the Old World. We talk about the doctrine of signatures. I understand his website is filled with occult symbolism, the owls, etc, however the interesting research many haven’t seen is the triptych.
Big thanks to the listeners of WBAI for recognizing the importance in supporting independent media.

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