In Other News March 20, 2012


Have you noticed the leave-less trees and soaring temperatures here in the city? It’s a rare and surreal combination. Native New Yorkers have told me, they can’t recall a winter ever being this warm. In February, zero snow accumulation on the ground in the city. In past shows, we’ve discussed some of the research from Californiaskywatch in how extraction industries have artificially warmed areas in the northern hemisphere to continue mining year round. That’s only part of it according to our guest Dane Wigington. Couple weeks ago, “EMEG” (Arctic Methane Emergency Group) openly declared a global state of emergency.(The first warning came last December when Russian scientists announced that thousands of massive methane plumes a kilometer or more wide were observed rising from the sea floor on the East Siberian Shelf ) Satellite imagery confirms huge methane discharge and accumulation occurring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Guest – Dane Wigington, Dane has a background in lightning suppression and in solar power. He’s worked on the construction of one the first commercial solar electric facilities in the United States in the early 1980s. He’s investigated the diminished solar charge capacities that have resulted as a consequence of the ongoing deployment of
aerosols from jet planes in Shasta County, California. Dane has also investigated the impact the toxins in the aerosols are having upon ecosystems in Shasta County, and talks about the changes that have been observed in water quality, the change to the pH in the forests and the significant decline in some animal and plant species.

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