In Other News March 10, 2016


We welcome back Dr. Judy Wood, the author one of the most important books available to read titled, Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9-11. In the past shows with Dr. Wood as a guest we discussed in depth how her book didn’t speculate, or theorize, instead it provides verifiable evidence answering the question where did the towers go and much more. In later shows we had conversations about how despite having the video of the towers coming apart in the air broadcast into TV screens across the planet repeated for many days, no one really knew what they were looking at. National TV commentators were understandably at a loss for words but had real difficulty in accurately describing that the two towers turned to dust in the air. The Earth’s magnetic field shifted with each WTC event.The towers didn’t collapse, they had already turned to dust before a gravity driven collapse was possible. This evidence can’t be explained by thermal or kinetic destructive mechanisms.You may ask what has happened to our ability to problem solve or the skill to critically analyze a situation? As a former professor of mechanical engineering, Dr Wood has extensive knowledge of the educational system and learning processes. She is self taught and practices the method of defining the problem first before solving it. In the context of her amazing arc of research in the book Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Free Energy Technology on 9-11, it is important to determine what happened before going to the next step of how it happened. These steps are done before moving to the next one of determining who did it. How have educational systems dumbed down our ability to critically think?

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