In Other News June 26, 2017

A big thank you for the turnout at the Disclosure New York event on Friday, it was good see you, appreciate that. A few weeks ago, the Executive Director of the Pacifica Network Bill Crosier was a guest on this show to talk about the decision made to stop the fundraiser using the zapper and orgonite as a premium. Mr Crosier was open and upfront in explaining the decision. On that show we also referenced Dr. Royal Rife and related science behind the zapper. Having this type of discussion on the air is important regardless of the outcome in that a dialogue can start and listeners decide.

Also, WBAI will honor all zapper and orgonite pledges. This is very good news. I look forward to hearing the feedback from this highly influential listenership. I gathered some interesting zapper testimony recently, enough for a full hour. Some of it aired during the fundraising special. We’re going to hear all of it in this show. Some people you may recognize others are friends of Carol Croft who were kind enough to talk about their long term use of the Terminator zapper.

Before we go into those interviews, something caught my attention. There was a 3 day Electronic Dance Music event near Las Vegas last week. Those with tickets were shuttled from Las Vegas out to a location in the desert. One of the main stages was essentially a Mesopotamian shrine to the female demon Lilith. A huge rendition of Lilith was positioned in the center, her arms outstretched with winged appendages, two massive owls stood on each side of her and behind her head was an all seeing eye. All of this festooned with lights and moving images.

This is also where thousands flocked and reveled throughout the nights during the Summer Solstice. Some aware of the harvest, I suspect most were not. The stage set was a stylized rendition of the 3000 year old stone image of Lilith. Three centuries ago the female demon was depicted with clawed feet and flanked by two owls. Below her outstretched arms were wings. What’s going on here you might ask? On this show we’ve gone in depth about the nature of ley lines and how rituals are conducted at certain energy line anchors to imbue the natural electromagnetic grid intended to effect a society. You may recall past guests Matthew Delooze and Peter Champoux discussing the significance of certain locations on the planet, that at certain times of the year for example the Summer Solstice can be important for harvest rituals.

In a past show we talked about a private firm announcing it would build one of the largest ferris wheels on Staten Island, past guest Matthew Delooze explained its occult function and how they’re strategically placed in cities across the world. In this case the structure on Staten Island would face the nexus of ley lines that meet somewhere in the middle of the harbor. However, this proposal came a few months after superstorm Sandy ravaged the northeast coast and many New Yorkers questioned the safety of constructing the giant wheel.

In August of 2015, images of endangered animals were projected on to the side of the Empire State Building. The project was sponsored by the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital. An image of Kali, known as the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, and Destruction, was also projected, created by artist Android Jones.

If you’ve been listening to this show you’ll know the importance of the Empire State Building within the energy grid. Its one the tallest obelisks in the country and its set on an energy intersection, similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The exterior of the building is clad in Indiana limestone panels. Those panels are significant for imbueing consciousness says past guest Peter Champoux. Peter says leylines carry a telluric current which is an electromagnetic energy that also fuels human creativity.

Taking it a step further, is it possible that New York City dodged a catastrophe. In April 2016, Peter Champoux was a guest on the show talking about the effort by UNESCO to imbue significant energy points with a certain consciousness. Replicas of the Temple of Baal were put on display in London’s Leicester Square and one was intended for Times Square but because of protest against it, the Times Square replica display was canceled. The Temple of Baal was instead placed in Dubai. Radio host Gary Bell in Toronto, Canada made the connection that both London and Dubai were plagued with towering infernos.

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