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We follow up on the work of Russ and Pam Martens of Wall Street On Parade and several other mainstream sources chronicling the rash of bank employee deaths in the last 3 years. Pam Martens points out that though the financial crisis took place from 2007 to 2010, a series of employee deaths occurred at the largest U.S. bank on Wall Street, J.P. Morgan Chase which began in December 2013 and stretched into 2015. In 2014 alone, there were nearly 40 bank employees deaths at JP Morgan Chase. Though JP Morgan Chase alarmingly stands out as having the  most unusual frequent young employee deaths, there are many more within various mega-banks.

Pam and Russ Martens also note the significance of death benefit policies among US banks and corporations that exceed 1 trillion dollars. BOLI or Bank Owned Life Insurance and COLI, Corporate Owned Life Insurance have become known as dead peasant insurance because many companies take out policies on employees in bulk including rand and file workers. Mega banks are allowed to secretly collect life insurance proceeds on the lives of their employees, former employees without disclosing the amounts to the families, the public or shareholders. These life insurance policies are so secret even Congress has difficulty getting answers.

The patterns within the lists of bank employee deaths is complicated and worldwide. Some cases that mainstream media report on reveal what seem to be murders that are reported as suicides. At a glance some of these deaths appear to be those with conscience going up against the systematic corruption within the banking system, not unlike corporate and military whistleblowers, certain scientists and the mysterious deaths among holistic doctors.

Guest – John Lordan who has presented data analysis of the unusual and tragic loss within the alternative health medical community. John is a former entertainment technologist for 20th Century Fox, TV Guide and Cirque Du Soleil, John Lordan is now the host of BrainScratch on YouTube’s GeekendorX channel, a show that explores mysterious occurrences and cases where the official explanation just doesn’t seem to fit.

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  1. Laura Cullen July 19, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    Extraordinary secrecy is indicative of something to hide and very suspicious on its own.
    Illegal actions can more easily be hidden within secrecy. The circumstances here almost mirror the unexplained National Parks disappearances being investigated by D. Paulides. Some serious evil is taking place here in the quest for money. Human life has no value but the expendable dead body has value beyond imagination. Unfortunately the wrong people are being sacrificed for the almighty dollar.

  2. G August 18, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    Very good observation Laura. The circumstances in the disappearances of the two young men in New Jersey fit into the cases that Paulides reports on. The BOLI and COLI connections are causing people to examine the “suicides” and “murders.” Thanks for tuning in to the show.

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