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We talked recently about intuition, our sixth sense and how to develop and fine tune the ability to hear it. John Living explains how to access intuition on demand. This level of skill exists in most people yet lies dormant. Have you noticed the metaphorical communication as you walk down the street your attention is drawn to particular objects, creating impressions the conscious mind can assemble as a message? There are ways to prepare to attain the skill of good intuition.

John Living:

  • My name for dowsing is intuition technology, what that comes down to is your heart, mind, brain team it involves your heart – dowsing.
  • I believe your heart is in command of your subconscious.
  • If I’m thinking about something, is it correct? I get a yes or a no signal.
  • Dowsing is purely how you get a signal back from somewhere – your heart, mind, 
brain team.
  • Manipulating your nervous/muscular system. Stand up and ask your heart a 
question, as if it were a separate person.
  • Please heart, whatever it is you want to 
know, correct?
  • Your body goes forward for yes, backwards for no. That first thought, comes from 
your intuition.
  • Listen to that very very first thought, and adjust your question.
  • Please heart, am I doing what the right thing is to do?
  • Your cells are having individual personalities shall we say. Every cell in your 
body hears what you say.
  • If you say to yourself, I speak to every cell in my body, I love you all. I thank you 
for all the help you’ve given me through all my life, I ask you now to realign with the master cell. I would say 70 percent of the people
    are possessed to some degree.
 I connect to my heart. If a person uses the dark forces than they are subjected to
    the dark forces after death

Guest – John Living, was commissioned as an officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers, and was taught Dowsing at the School of Military Engineering, Chatham. John is a professional engineer and spiritual healer, he currently travels and presents lectures and workshops on intuition technology.

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