In Other News January 22, 2016


Today we remember David McGowan and his important work that helped readers assess photographic images using instinct and common sense. Through his dedicated research, David McGowan taught many to tune into this valuable skill. The first In Other News interview with David McGowan aired on WBAI in April 2014. We discussed the investigative work and techniques used to analyze high definition images from the Boston Marathon Bombing. The second two hour interview aired later that year discussing his recently published book Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream and the sudden attention it received from a wide demographic. His other books include Programmed to Kill, and Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion, Derailing Democracy:The America The Media Don’t Want You to See. Although his original website is down, which is a real loss, his family members have posted some of his work at

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