In Other News January 15, 2013


We continue our discussion with investigative journalist Stacy Lynne and her story in opposing and revealing the ICLEI agenda in her community, the subsequent retaliation and we’ll also focus on the conflict of interest of those involved in the retaliation. As many listeners may know Stacy Lynne had been alerting her community in Ft. Collins, Colorado about ICLEI, International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives for the past 4 years and revealing how large amounts of tax payer money is being spent on the ICLEI programs annually. She points out how ICLEI policy is a path to eliminate individual rights. Stacy Lynne was then retaliated against. Her son’s biological father was awarded custody of their nine year old son through court proceedings wrought with legal breaches. Today we look at those involved in the retaliation and their ties to UN Agenda 21, ICLEI and related subsidized green energy scams.

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