In Other News January 1, 2016

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We spoke about the lunar wave with past guest Crrow777 who among others had caught on video something that appears as a wavy horizontal line rippling from bottom to top on the face of the Moon within a few seconds. Crrow also referenced the marginalized work of a Russian researcher named Khatib Alexander Mikhalyovich Hatybov or Hatibow. Although there’s no verification to this research and it could be disinformation, Hatibow had assessed that the Moon is not an illuminated object and argued that the surface is luminous and creates light through the assistance of pyramids on the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. It is indeed easier subscribing to the idea that the Sun’s light waves are reflected off the surface of the Moon. These are lofty concepts supporting the Truman Show effect of an artificial satellite. Additionally, Hatibow wrote about the life affirming influence the Moon has within what he terms the land management supersystem.

Today we look at the relationship the Moon has with the Earth and its waterways with returning guest Peter Champoux. His recently published book Moon Rivers: A Gaiagraphic Exploration of Earth’s Primary Rivers explores through geometry of nature, the Moon’s influence on the Earth’s flowing waters. Gaiagraphy is an emerging science defined as patterned study of the living Earth and Peter Champoux identifies how the successful cultures of the past used this geometry in nature within the construction and layout of their communities to nest. Peter writes, moon rings ’round moon rivers impart a unified vision reflected in Earth’s flowing waters, returning its liquid light to its sun-sourced beginnings. From deep underground to celestial orbs, water manifests body and spirit – an Earth spirit. This 65 page book builds on Peter’s earlier book titled Gaia Matrix: Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape and identifies the Moon Rivers such as the Nile River, the Congo, the Ganges and more that all share common dimensions.

Peter Champoux is a gaiagrapher (maps the living Earth) and Earth-Keeper. His work brings the individual and community into relationship with our living planet. Discoverer of Earth Rings, he is a leading researcher in the field phenomena of ley lines, earth grids, and natures geometries of scale. Since the 1990s, Peter has turned his originally simple geographic observations into the evolving spriitual art and science of what he terms Gaiagraphy: the patterns of our living, sentient Earth in alignment with each person’s unique path through life. Internationally known as an authority on earth grids, Peter writes on nature’s pattern language; maps, gaiagraphic studies for people, place and purpose. His website is

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