In Other News February 5, 2016

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On this show we’ve talked in depth about weather control technology in relation to the aerosol operations conducted across the planet. We take a look at another aspect of the spraying operations, one that’s not visible to the human eye, yet it is according researchers accumulating within our bodies and shortening our lifespan. Everyday, we eat, breathe and excrete manufactured nanoparticles. As you will hear from our guest Tony Pantellersco, an herbalist and alternative health researcher, this is an intentional outcome, as these particles assemble and replicate inside our bodies. We talk with Tony about how the accumulating nanotechnology can be programmed and the assimilation of humans toward artificial intelligence. Tony Pantellersco will also share his ideas on how to remove nanoparticles from the body. His website is and his youtube channel is herbsplusbeadworks.

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