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In the third of a series about Wilhelm Reich and his work with orgone energy, we follow Reich’s research into UFOs. In the past 2 shows guests Kevin Hinchey and Dr. James Demeo have outlined the basics of orgone energy and also the devices to utilize it. Kevin Hinchey defined orgone energy as the biological energy in living substances, it’s the sexual energies as well as other properties in the human organism and it’s also an atmospheric energy. Dr. Demeo’s work with building cloud busters and relieving droughts demonstrates the powerful dynamic of orgone in the atmosphere.
Reich’s interest and interaction with clouds and UFOs increased as he continued with the drought relief work. In the early 1950s Wilhelm Reich began noticing when he pointed the cloud buster at certain “stars” they would blink out or appear unable to sustain itself in the sky.What was Reich getting close to? and what did he notice about the relationship among UFOs and clouds? Our guest author and researcher Peter Robbins is one of very few people who has written about this area of Reich’s work. Robbins is also co-author, along with Larry Warren, of the British best-seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation.

Peter Robbins:

  • The use of the cloud buster seemed to attract the activity of UFOs.
  • He observed UFOs over his property in Rangeley, Maine.
  • He aimed the cloud buster at a UFO and it moved. He did it again, it faded, they 
wobbled, some of them disappeared.
  • This is all recorded very scrupulously in his final book, Contact With Space, published a month after his death in 1957.
  • Reich’s entire professional life revolved around a primary interest in how energy functions.
  • The energy of the water literally draws the energy in the atmosphere down toward the pipes.
  • (Note: this is similar to descending passages below pyramids and Wardenclyffe tower)
  • The cloud buster could either create or negate cloud formations.
  • Jerome Eden – follow up on Reich’s work – ufos
  • UFOs tended to destroy humidity in the atmosphere. In a sense brought their own tiny little droughts with them.
  • UFOs also tend to generate their own cloud cover. It seems to be part of their technical abilities.
  • Reich certainly seemed to destabilize them.
  • You read the literature and the witness accounts as something of a battle 
between cloud busters which were trying to increase the humidity.
  • Orgonomists trained by Reich or Baker range in about a dozen worldwide.

Guest – Peter Robbins, an investigative writer, author and activist best known for his UFO related papers, columns, articles, editorials, commentaries, and conference lectures. He’s lectured at international conferences on the scientific discoveries of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in Ashland Oregon, Niece France, Karavomilos Greece, New York City, and Princeton, New Jersey.

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