In Other News August 19, 2013


We continue the Shadow Project on In Other News and discuss the human shadow with Dr. Connie Zweig, founder of the Center for Shadow-work and Spiritual Counseling of AIWP. She has a doctorate in psychology, two years training at the Los Angeles Jung Institute, and has been in practice for 20 years. Remember Dr. Paul Dobransky’s interviews and using observing ego? This is similar yet a different approach. With Dr. Steven Wolff, Dr. Connie Zweig has developed a method to defuse your negative emotions, release the guilt and shame associated with them and achieve a more trusting and authentic intimacy with others.

Dr. Connie is co-author of Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature and Romancing the Shadow: Illuminating the Dark Side of the Soul. Dr. Connie has come to be known as “The Shadow Expert”: a guide who can go where others fear to tread, into your dark side. And she can help you to find the gold that lies hidden there – the deeper need beneath these difficult feelings and behaviors that you can meet in more positive ways.

Global March Against Geoengineering Sunday August 25, 2013

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