In Other News April 30, 2013


Dakota elder Darlene Pipeboy and other Native Americans will be traveling to New York City and attend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Native American and indigenous groups meet each year at the UNPFII to discuss social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights. At this forum, Darlene will also be discussing the spiritual movement of her people.

Guest –Darlene Pipeboy, activist and retired teacher from the Lake Traverse Reservation, South Dakota.
There is a mountain of data showing the damaging effects of the ongoing aerosol operations. Returning guest Dane Wigington is becoming one of the leading activists against geoengineering and revealing the harmful effects to humans and the ecosystems. Awareness is building within the academic community he says, it’s slow but it’s happening. Also after years of appealing to military whistle-blowers, a former Air Force soldier has confirmed the military’s involvement in atmospheric spraying operations.

Guest – Dane Wigington, former solar power engineer and now runs the site
Listen to Dane’s interview on this youtube post. Thanks to ghombrero.

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