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We listen to an interview and talk by Terrence Mckenna on UFOs, aliens and archetypes. Terrence Mckenna was an ethnobotanist, a lecturer, and author. He was known as one of the leading authorities on the ontological foundations of shamanism and wrote about psychedelic drugs, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language and the theoretical origins of human consciousness.

I first discovered Terrence Mckenna’s work in 1995. I was helping a friend move a large china cabinet and on the floor behind this piece of furniture was a white cassette. I asked if I could listen to it, she said yes take it. It was her Mom’s. I said thanks. I took it home and pressed play. It was one of Terrence Mckenna’s most psychedelic lectures describing the DMT hallucingenic landscapes of machine like elves bouncing colored balls to each other.

The presentation we’re about listen to is from the television show called Thinking Allowed hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. Terrence Mckenna is the guest and its titled Aliens and Archetypes.

Dr.Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD currently serves as Dean of Transformational Psychology at The University of Philosophical Research. His newest book is called The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter. It is the story of a 20 year field investigation he conducted with a man who had extraordinary psychokinetic/precognitive abilities. From 1988 to 2002, his weekly television program, Thinking Allowed, has been shown throughout North America, consisting of interviews with leading figures in psychology, philosophy, science, health and spirituality. He holds a unique doctoral diploma in parapsychology from the University of California at Berkeley.

The next presentation by Terrence Mckenna is titled Shamanic Approaches to the UFO. This talk was given in November of 1987 at the Angels, Aliens and Archetypes Conference in San Francisco, California. Terrence elaborates on the idea that the skies of Earth are haunted by flying saucers as a response to the collective consciousness being mired in a current paradigm. In the Jungian model of perception is projection, the collective consciousness has prompted  an auto-response by the archetype feminine to the patriarch scientific solar based society

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